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An ongoing project exploring new methods and materials for jewellery making.

Experimentation is a fundamental for me and from a basic sketch of an idea, I often go straight to playing around with materials, sketching in 3D, trying out different processes to see where it leads, sometimes to a dead end, sometimes to unexpected solutions.

Picture exhibition

The physical process of making is where the joy is, making by hand with a hammer, a file and a crucible. There is a particular kind of satisfaction in getting from idea to object and overcoming all the technical challenges in between.

Asymmetry and natural textures are constant features of my work.

rings picture exhibition
rings picture exhibition Maggie Purnell

Currently inspiration lies in natural forms, from the smooth, solidity of pebbles on my local beach, to the intricate geometric forms of mineral specimens. These serve as both inspiration and sometimes as a raw material for jewellery. A natural magpie, I collect raw materials. Anything from semi-precious gems and sterling silver to framing offcuts and rusty bits of metal at the side of the road, each with its own unique physical properties to explore. 

*Visit exhibition from Monday – Saturday / 9:30 – 17:00 at Newcastle Arts Centre.