Award winning illustration and design
from postage stamps to record sleeves

“fantastically elaborate” Logan Kaufman, Adventures Underground

 Yvonne draws many of her works with coloured pencils, despite calling them “such an unreliable medium” in part because she dislikes the mess associated with using paint, ink, or clay.

 “…[it] probably takes as long to prepare an illustration—sketching roughs, e-mailing them to clients, finding models, props and reference, taking the pictures—as it does to do the finished piece.”

She prefers drawing people to inanimate objects “[if I hadn’t become] an illustrator, I’d be a forensic psychologist because people and how they work intrigues me.”

In addition to children’s books, she has “…also gone to the other end of the scale and produced illustrations for Playboy. I go from drawing people in rubber outfits and corsets to pretty fairies!”


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