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Our Lives, Ephemera is a group show exhibiting the collage work of six artists whose visual arts practice has been uncovered through their activity within the no-audience underground.

The no-audience underground is a self-sustaining ‘sub-section of the noise and experimental music scene’1 where there are no passive audience members, only active participants. Within this rich network of practitioners, visual art practices coexist with sound arts, speaking a shared language of experimentation and abstraction.

The artists selected use a range of techniques and materials, demonstrating the varied aesthetic potential located within this artistic discipline where recontextualisation of existing materials into a new form is a key element of practice.

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Andrew Wild 

Andrew runs Crow Versus Crow, an interdisciplinary project, primarily consisting of a record label and radio show, producing limited-edition artefacts and visual artworks. His visual artwork explores elements of working-class culture, memory and place, through largely abstract, mixed-media paintings, collages and digital photo collages.

Craig Stewart Johnson 

Craig is an interdisciplinary artist and arts organiser who runs the record label Invisible City Records. In his collage work, the nuances of everyday texture and place are presented as minimal compositions. The works aim to develop a visual topography through a minimal approach to abstract forms.

Daniel J Gregory 

Daniel is a sound and visual artist whose artwork has a focus on the recontextualization of found images, working with both analogue and digital techniques to create mixed media collages.

Graeme Hopper

Graeme “Grassi” Hopper currently lives and works in the North East of England. Using collage, drawings, paint and photography to set aside the familiar, Graeme’s work investigates the developing bridge between the surreal and literal embedded within our own curious fascinations.

Matt Atkins

Matt Atkins is a London based sound and visual artist who has recorded extensively, alongside releasing sound works by others on his label MRM Recordings. Matt’s principal artistic interests revolve around reductionism, chance, repetition and texture.

Ross Scott Buccleuch

Ross Scott Buccleuch is a poet, sound and visual artist based in Wigan and currently runs the record label Steep Gloss alongside his artistic practice. Ross’s visual artwork uses collage techniques to explore scenes of an absurd and surreal nature. His work embraces confusion as a catalyst for further abstract thinking rather than confusion being the end goal.

Pay a visit to our experimental gallery space ‘The Show Case’ and see Our Lives, Ephemera. Curated by Craig Stewart Johnson.

Showing: June – July 2022, Private View 17th June 5pm – 7pm

Newcastle Arts Centre
67 Westgate Road, NE1 1SG
0191 261 5618

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