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Visit our corridor exhibition ‘Quien Soy/ Who Am I’ by Itzel Toral until 28th July at Newcastle Arts Centre.


An introspective journey through culture, roots and dreams on display at Newcastle Arts Centre all July!

“A couple of years ago I moved from Mexico to UK and I started painting because I needed a deeper connection with myself, even though I have been doing it since I have memory this time it was different, painting helped me to express and communicate in a language I knew and felt comfortable while at the same time connecting with people.

I started by researching about my name, WHO is Itzel, WHAT does it mean and its roots. This inspired me to try new techniques like watercolour, printing, and embroidery.

Through this exhibition I want to represent that you can create in any time in your life, and feel connected with everything and everyone”. – Itzel Toral