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Rethinking The Craftsperson In A World Submerged In Technology 

An exhibition by Kelsey Lynn Mayo shown at Newcastle Arts Centre from 19th March – 16th April.

Exhibition Preview:
18th March – 5pm

Artist Talk:
9th April – 1pm

Glass. Ceramics. Textiles. Woodwork. Performance.

EXHIBITION PREVIEW: Come along and be the first to witness this exciting, multi-disciplinary art exhibition. There will be artworks by the artist available for purchase, ranging from exhibition pieces to smaller artefacts. Furthermore, pay a visit to The Show Case, our smaller, experimental exhibition space. Currently on display is Edwin Moreton’s ‘Tantra’, a painting exhibition (see below). Whilst you’re at it, visit our wonderful Craftshop, or collect some art supplies for yourself from Details, both of which will be staying open during the preview. Drinks provided and also available for purchase.

Kelsey Lynn Mayo: Rethinking The Craftsperson In A World Submerged In Technology is the second of the year to be hosted within our gallery space, and will be open to the public from March 19th until April 16th.

This exhibition by Kelsey Lynn Mayo delves into an investigation of how craft, art and technology influence each other. Kelsey, a multidisciplinary artist from New York, has found that their work is influenced by all three sectors and has noticed over their education and practise that there are a plethora of ways of working in the cross section. On this Arts Council England Grant, Kelsey has spent the latter end of 2021 and start of 2022 investigating age-old arts and craft techniques in combination with technology. Through this lens they explore similar themes that appear in their past work, of physical/mental health, gender and family ties to craft and art, all while exploring new combinations of processes in textiles, ceramics, glass and wood working.