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Jonathan Marshall: ‘Dymaxion 6’

‘Dymaxion 6’ is our current exhibition in The Show Case – our experimental gallery project located beside the Craftshop. ‘Dymaxion 6’ is the latest in a series of exhibitions by Jonathan Marshall, a fantastic illustrative artist and one of our tutors. 

As an artist, Jonathan has focused on making figurative artwork – through drawing, painting and sculpture. The role and purpose of ‘the figure’ is often interrogated within these works, often with a blind investigation of materials to create automatic marks and energetic drawings. Jonathan is a prolific artist whose work is expressive, characterful and always outstanding. This exhibition will display a series of new works by the artist, including charcoal and ceramics.

Dymaxion 6 will be exhibited in The Show Case from 15th of August to 28th of September.

67 Westgate Rd, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE1 1SG
0191 261 56 18

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