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4th June 2015 / 6pm – 8pm / FREE
5th – 27th June 2015

This exhibition aims to explore simplicity in architecture and nature with purity of lines.

I am fascinated with lines in every aspect. Whether it be the lines in perspective in a street with the side of a building and seeing shadows from scaffolding on a building site, to the curves of a road cutting through the country side I re-visited from childhood and comparing them to the lines on a map, or the trajectory of a ball during a football match or the angles a ball takes in a snooker match. I question why I find line and light attractive or upsetting, as sometimes it doesn’t sit right with me.

This exhibition asks the viewer to look at line in a different way to the norm. All sculptures are drawn from a set dimension (our A3) and how many unique sculptures can be formed from this uniform rectangular shape.

Does true beauty have to be complex?

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