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‘Delicate Blooms’

a series of watercolour portraits by Sian Jordan

Our latest exhibition in The Show Case is on display now! The walls of our newest exhibition space are filled with beautiful new and never-before-seen artworks. Each piece is painted subtly in watercolours, but with a boldness that showcases the unpredictability of the medium. The artist uses the flow and looseness of watercolour to create unexpected outcomes, before evolving them into portraits. The finished paintings appear delicate and soft, but there is a striking boldness within the playful bursts of colour, tamed only by graceful brush strokes.

Sian Jordan is a self taught artist who grew up in South Africa now living in the UK with her son and partner. Sian enjoys experimenting with watercolour, ink and gouache. Although Sian is constantly exploring her abilities and learning new techniques, her work is becoming more recognisable in the social media world, being featured from online magazines to published ones. Sian paints a strong female presence but also feels connected to abstracts, moons and nature as seen in her current portfolio and more private work.

Sian also dabbles in illustration, she has illustrated a published book for children. You will find Sian’s sister brand called ‘Ernest Made Me Do It’ where you will find her more art-lead kid’s prints on its Facebook account.

View more of her work at https://sianjordan.com/

Check out her Instagram at Sian Jordan | Artist (@sian_jordan_artist) • Instagram photos and videos

‘Delicate Blooms’ is now showing, until the end of April, in The Show Case at Newcastle Arts Centre.