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Newcastle Arts Centre presents ‘What I would like’, a new exhibition by Kubra Müjde.

Saturday 26th June – Sat. 31st July/ Newcastle Arts Centre Gallery

“For a long time I explored sleeping through painting, installation and video. Why? Because there was no clear answer to the causality of the existence of life, and I clearly believed that we were anesthetized by someone, and I justified the reasoning with this answer and slept. But there was one thing I didn’t understand. Why should everything be justified? Life takes its place in silent laws, which have been accepted to require no evidence and have formed their own cyclic routine. Now, I draw what I want, no matter, no reason, no meaning.” – Kübra Müjde

About the artist.


Kübra Müjde is an Arab painter from a Bedouin family, born in 1987 in Mesopotamia, she studied at the High School of Fine Arts, Şanlıurfa, and the University of Arts, Harran. Kubra is the founder of Qbicart Digital School and she is currently living in UK, pursuing painting and giving workshops to adults and children from different communities and backgrounds.