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Exhibition by Michelle Hobby and Johnny Jetstream (b. North of England)

Preview: Saturday 1st February, 13:00
Exhibition: Friday 31st January – Sat. 14th March 2020

Location: Gallery space, Newcastle Arts Centre

Landscapes and Manscapes: A Theatre of Activity

Both artists have been practising and exhibiting art since 1999. In sharing an interest in the built and natural environment; they’ve traveled, studied and produced art exploring different themes throughout their creative output.

In this exhibition they unite to present a tale of two environments with an overlap in the narrative. Both bring drama through ‘interventions’ using fact and fiction. It’s undeniable that current anxieties echo in the images, along with the story of time. 

In Johnny’s ‘Manscapes’ to the ancient formations and erosions in Michelle’s landscapes. Both produce provocative images…, and time… humans unique knowledge and concept, ultimately begs the question, where will the future go?

Both artists will continue to explore changing landscapes…

Party no.1 / Michelle Hobby
Cape Romano Dome House ( exhibited in London Royal Academy summer 2019 )/ Johnny Jetstream

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