It is almost time for Summer Holidays

and we have some creative and fun activities to enjoy with your kids

Doodle painting

Have fun creating doodles and colouring them at the end.

What you will need: Pencils, Markers, Colour pencils, Acrylic Paintings, Watercolour paintings, etc.

Collage & Paper Cuts

Get some scissors, glue and coloured paper and try cutting any figure you can imagine, at the end put them all together. You can also add painting and sketches on it.

What you will need: scissors, glue, magazines, coloured paper


Create your own prints or handmade cards using paper, paint and a monoprinting technique and send to your friends and family.

The following instructions are to do your own cards with Monoprinting technique  from

A printing plate. This can be a piece of plastic or a piece of cardboard with plastic wrap. Even a flat cookie tray will do.

Paint, water and a paintbrush. Watercolour paint is recommended, mostly because it will not dry as quickly as acrylic or tempera (poster) paints. You need the paint to stay wet so the image will transfer easily onto paper. (If you have water-based printing ink, use it.)

Paper. We used sheets of computer printer paper but most any paper will do. However, I wouldn’t suggest construction paper because it tends to break apart when it gets wet.

Cardstock, poster board or construction paper. Once the prints have dried, you will cut them and paste them onto a heavier piece of folded paper to make them into cards. (If you print directly onto folded poster paper, you can eliminate this step.)

Scissors and glue. See above.

A permanent marker: This is optional but can be used for adding details.

Paper towel. Naturally.


– Paint an image onto the plastic keeping in mind that the printed image will be in reverse (so stay away from words!).

– Working relatively quickly (don’t let the paint dry), grab a piece of paper (or folded card stock) and place it on top of the plastic. Rub lightly to transfer the image. Then, peel off the paper to see what you’ve made.

– Rinse the printing plate clean so you can make more prints. Remember only ONE print is made each time you paint an image. That’s what makes these MONOprints!


When the prints are dry, you can add details with a black permanent marker. This is an optional step but I find it helps to define any areas which may have become too “washed out” during the printing process.

If you would like more visit us at details Art Store at Newcastle Arts Centre our staff is always happy to help.

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